Echo Alp

A la Mùsega da Vich par i soes 200 egn

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Duration: 07:16
Size: Full score: A3 | parts: A3 folded to A4
Release date: 2022

Product code ME2208 Category

The work “Echo Alp” is dedicated to the Mùsega da Vich for its 200-year history. It is a musical portrait of the village of Vigo di Fassa, its inhabitants and the musicians of the music band, but at the same time it represents the multifaceted nature of the mountain world of the Fassa Valley. It is a rhapsodic piece divided into three scenes with clearly defined characteristics, and yet there is a musical aspect that unites the entire composition and from which its title is derived: It is the typical arpeggio of the alphorns that sounds again and again; sometimes very clear and recognisable, other times varied and somewhat more hidden. In the first part, a cheerful theme carried by a powerful rhythm recalls the spirit of enterprise and enthusiasm that characterises music bands and all other voluntary associations. This then introduces a mountain tour. The middle section is much gentler and more linear and represents the loving memory of those who are no longer with us, having died in the mountains. As we contemplate these beauties, we realise that they can be as magnificent as they are dangerous. It is our mission to protect this heritage and to accept that we cannot control nature. The last part is announced by a short fanfare that gives us new courage and the necessary energy to go on, to reach the summit and to echo from the highest point one last time.

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MUNODI Edition
MUNODI Musicnotation

d. Dieter Viehweider
Strada Colterenzio, 16
39057 Appiano sulla Strada del Vino (BZ)
South Tyrol – Italy
VAT No. IT03091990212
REA No. BZ – 237309



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