Product code ME2223 Category

Duration: 09:30
Size: Full score: A3 spiralised | parts: A3 folded to A4
Release date: 2022

Product code ME2223 Category

With “Convergence” Tobias Psaier has created a piece that immediatly captivates the listener from the very first bar, taking them on a sonic journey of discovery. In the process, various melodies and harmonies repeatedly converge on the same note, the concert Bb.
Through the combination of multi-layered structures, instrumental variety and the combination of rhythmic elements, the composer creates a unique atmosphere that, at times, feels contemplative and at other times, captivating. These different timbres seamlessly blend into one another and create a multifaceted soundscape.
With “Convergence”, Tobias Psaier has succeeded in creating a remarkable work that enriches the world of music and deeply touches the listener’s core.


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MUNODI Edition
MUNODI Musicnotation

d. Dieter Viehweider
Strada Colterenzio, 16
39057 Appiano sulla Strada del Vino (BZ)
South Tyrol – Italy
VAT No. IT03091990212
REA No. BZ – 237309



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