Hallelujah (choral score SATB)

from the oratorio "Der Messias" (1741)

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Duration: 04:00
Size: A4
Release date: 2022

Product code ME2204-02 Category

The artistic oeuvre of the German Baroque composer George Frideric Handel (*05.03.1685 in Halle an der Saale, +14.04.1759 London) spanned all musical genres of his time. He is considered one of the most important musicians of the Baroque period. During an invitation to Dublin, Handel was persuaded by Charles Jennens (an English landowner, patron and librettist) to undertake a new composition project. The result was the two-and-a-half-hour oratorio “The Messiah”. The famous “Hallelujah” from it became particularly well known. HALLELUJA is the final chorus of the second of the three parts of the oratorio and brings the Easter events of the plot to a particularly effective close. The piece, which lasts just under 4 minutes, is in D major, the festive and royal key of Baroque music. In the original version, the orchestra begins with just the strings, followed by timpani and trumpets in an effective build-up. Joseph Dantonello arranged the present version to make it easier for amateur choirs to perform and to incorporate the late Romantic instrumental apparatus. In addition to the original strings, two oboes, the continuo group and the two trumpets and timpani, he added optional parts for a flute, two clarinets and a trombone as well as for two horns. The organ part is originally played from the figured bass. In this version, the organ part is set more lavishly, based on a piano reduction.

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d. Dieter Viehweider
Strada Colterenzio, 16
39057 Appiano sulla Strada del Vino (BZ)
South Tyrol – Italy
VAT No. IT03091990212
REA No. BZ – 237309



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